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Tracing Gun Violence Through 3 Generations Of A Family

Posted on Nov 6, 2017


Over the past decade, more than 850 children and teenagers in Miami-Dade County were rushed to the hospital with gunshot wounds. Most of them—nearly 90 percent—survived. In the WLRN series Young Survivors: The Unspoken Trauma of Gun Violence, we ask what happens to those kids.


Original on All Things Considered

 John Broughton says he’s been both in front of the gun and, once, behind it.

It’s what his mother, Carmen Gonzalez, says she was trying to avoid when they moved away from Miami when John was 11. The family’s roots are in Liberty City, a neighborhood that’s experienced high rates of gun violence for decades.

“I’ve been gone for nine years,” she says. “I moved back there for seven months, and was like, no I can’t. I can’t. I left for the evening, come back home, it’s bullet holes in my walls. And my son is in the house asleep.”